To get into our data center you do not need badges, biometrics, special keys or special passwords .... You just have to knock on the door, but it must be a very special knock, knock... (watch the video)
And our network infrastructure is not just a link to a TIER 1 carrier. It's a PRIVATE network linked to TIER 1 carriers.
Get in touch and discover how to speed up your distributed application by a factor of 40.

About us

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We are a team of Swiss cryptocurrency enthusiasts and web hosting professionals focused on providing private and highly protected services well beyond the standard market offerings.

We handle decentralized currencies based on encryption as completely legit payment methods and encourage our clients to pay with them. Besides Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin and Nextcoin cryptocurrencies, we accept a wide range of other payment methods and digital currencies.

Our development team will assist you in any Web type request as well as any Web application you might need.


We are in an era where business growth is based on knowledge of information and information in our digital world is called DATA.

The data and their security, therefore, play a fundamental role, and we of EquipeNet understand it very well.
That's why we have decided to create our advanced Data Center in a highly secure Caveau, following the best traditions of Swiss privacy.

Our infrastructure has been designed with redundancy in mind and based on enterprise class Dell® server and Cisco® hardware, multiple carrier upstream providers, double power source with UPS, diesel generators with automatic switchover. Multilayer IP packet filtering allow us to provide unmatched DDoS protected hosting with highest availability at a very reasonable price.

Aside from security, your data, information, services you provide to your customers, your web pages, or your e-commerce site must be available at all times as fast as you can without thinking that the Internet is overcrowded from millions of simultaneous transactions.

We give you a latency time that no operator can guarantee.
How do we do it? Come to find it and make an appointment with our specialists.

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Digital or crypto currencies are definitely one of the financial innovations more relevant of the last decade.
Our company offers the immediate opportunity to enter in this cripto-world and most important, you do not need any special hardware  or systems, just contact us and we will help you to get in.


The ideal solution for exchanging and collaborating in every sector.

Equipenet is the best response to the need for confidentiality, security, management and exchange of sensitive information, coupled with the growing need for mobility and collaboration.

The software allows you to view, exchange, archive files and collaborate on confidential, secure, and controlled documents.

Our platform, located in our data center, ISO and FINMA compliant certificates, facilitates collaboration between professionals, colleagues and clients in managing documents and projects.


Our life is based on trade and today most of all trade is based on E-commerce.

You must be an expert to help customer to profit of this essential part of the global business and we are proud to have many happy clients using our advanced platform.



Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) service offers the flexibility to create virtual servers with customized RAM and CPU, install catalog operating systems in a few steps, connect servers to each other and back up and restore data in autonomy.

All with the reliability provided by the physical infrastructure of our Synchronous Storage Data Centers, replicated on multiple autonomous and self-contained units, in at least two Data Centers in Chiasso, Switzerland and Milan, Italy.



Equipenet SA, Corso Elvezia 23, CP 5739, 6901 Lugano

Tel.+41 91 911 66 23 –



Tel.+41 91 911 66 23


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