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Global Freight

Global Freight is the first enterprise application for International Forwarding designed for the web and offered on a hosted or local server

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Instantly Locate  Anyone or Anything. If you want to protect your moving vehicles or/and your moving goods, we have the right solution for you.

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Our Company

Equipenet SA is a technology company committed to providing innovative software, equipment and solutions to the logistic international players.

Equipnet SA offers a one-stop source for all the logistic operation requirements. With engineering, software developers and experienced staffs located in the Headquarter in Lugano, Switzerland, Equipenet SA is well positioned to serve the market better and to meet the ever higher customer expectations.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We work to earn each client's trust and loyalty by providing customized solutions to all logistic process needs with rapid response time and competitive pricing. Our engineering specialists have extensive experience in a wide range of logistics applications and work closely with each client to deliver measurable results that maximize operational performance and unit profitability.

Equipenet SA company as a whole is led by Michele Perugini and his team. A committed team with long term serving employees who are all true experts in their own field.

EQUIPENET SA is available for quick response and customer support specialists and can help evaluate your process or equipment requirements with a quick phone call.

EQUIPENET SA mission is to develop innovative process and solutions that deliver unmatched performance and reliability to clients worldwide. The vision is to be the trusted partner of choice for logistic solutions.

EQUIPENET SA corporate values:

Our team of process engineers and application specialists have extensive knowledge and in-depth experience solving complex problems across a broad range of applications. The foundation of our success is based on our ability to combine our diverse skill sets and come together as a team to work towards the common goal of creating the best value for our clients.

We are continually working to innovate and improve our products, services and logistic processes that keep our clients operational assets productive and profitable.

We work hard to earn our client's trust and loyalty by honoring our commitments and following through on the promises we make. Clients can depend on EQUIPENET SA to deliver measurable results that achieve the greatest return on investment.

Response Times
We pride ourselves on delivering our solutions and services on time and within budget. Clients can consistently count on us to listen to their requests, understand their expectations and respond to their needs with speed and efficiency.

We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and make decisions thare honest, fair and ethical.

Board Directors

Giuseppe Volpi

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Giuseppe Volpi  is  an  executive  with a long experience in the management of international companies.  He has always loved  computer technologies and through  Volpi led EQUIPENET SA  he focuses on the increase  of global  integration and development of    high performance  IT tools to  support the on  time daily   business activity.

Giuseppe Volpi  says: The vision of our future, passes thru  the capability  to  catch a dream  and take  it,   fixing it as North Pole Star to indicate  our daily step by step job and mission.

Michele Perugini


General Manager
Member of the Board of Directors

Michele Perugini As an international IT Manager he has earned an unquestionable professional experience on the complexity of interconnected system.

Through skilled and professional services his fundamental  role is keeping  the group on the track of excellence and quality.

Michele Perugini says : Nothing   is   impossible.  If  we  can  imagine it  we  can do it .  If  we  stop against  difficulties  we cannot reach excellence,  and   excellence  in  our job is   the unique  reason for   our   activity.  Nobody  can fulfill   our ambitions.

A  box   delivered  to  he right place, on time, or possibly before it was estimated is our goal.



M. Hipleh

Account Manager
Member of the Board of Directors

M. Hipleh is an operational that plays a fundamental role in EQUIPENET SA in the development of usinesses and improvement  of group performances. Mascha is a professional with long experience and on field training, she is skilled to manage the  top  management  level and  give her contribution to the companies success.

M. Hipleh says: Success is only a measurement of our effort towards the perfection of our idea without stepping  back or looking for a shortcut

Our Business

Equipenet SA is dedicated to continued product and process innovation. Continuous research & development is the engine that drives our innovation process. This is why we continue to invest heavily in the most-talented engineers.

Equipenet SA has three major business areas:

Software Developement
Feasibility studies for new software or reverse engeenering of old procedures:
Our application specialists can provide process studies and engineering solutions including software design to improve your company performance with minimum investment cost. Our specialists can provide customized solutions to reduce turnaround time.

Software Packages :
Equipenet SA can provide complete Basic Software Packages (BSP) to include conceptual process studies, PFDs, preliminary PIDs, main equipment sizing and control philosophy. We also offer optimization studies and performance validation test.

Support Services
Equipenet SA provides Satellite Tracking Services for OEM and other equivalent transportation supervision and control. EQUIPENET SA also provides troubleshooting, field assistance and technical training at client site.

Global Freight

Global Freight (GF) is based on many years of experience by professionals who have developed in continuous field operations, a deep knowledge of today standards for technologies of worldwide freight business ad logistics.
Since the start of project, on 2002, GF has been developed, step by step, increasing performances to be become a top player in the modern trasportation system.
GF effectivess lives in its exceptional managment skill and on a deep knowledge of operations in the entire Far East, Europee and USA.
GF development and management team in committed to pursue continuous search for excellence, offering efficient and effective solutions in world freight activies, shortening time to deliverywithout loss of time from on board cargo to the customs applying desk procedures in the shortest possible time


Global Freight Suite manage four key processes of transportation management:

- Planning and decision making – define the most efficient transport schemes according to given parameters, which have a lower or higher importance according to the user policy: transport cost, shorter lead-time, fewer stops possible to ensure quality, flows regrouping coefficient, etc.
- Transportation Execution – allow for the execution of the transportation plan such as carrier rate acceptance, carrier dispatching, EDI etc..
- Transport follow-up – allow following any physical or administrative operation regarding transportation: traceability of transport event by event (shipping from A, arrival at B, customs clearance, etc.), editing of reception, custom clearance, invoicing and booking documents, sending of transport alerts (delay, accident, non-forecast stops…)
- Measurement – have a logistics key performance indicator (KPI) reporting function for transport.

With Global Freight Suite the modern supply chain company will be able to:
Plan and optimize the transport rounds, inbound and outbound transportation mode and transportation, provider selection, management of motor carrier, rail, air and maritime transport, track in real time the transportation, control the quality, manage the custom operation, control cost and efficiency using the KPI (Key performance indicators) reporting and statistics
(Typical KPIs include: % of On Time Pick Up or Delivery Performance relative to requested Cost Per Metric - mile; km; Weight; Cube; Pallet Productivity in monetary terms, e.g. cost per unit weight or shipping unitProductivity in operational terms, e.g. shipping units/order or weight/load) and more..

as software farm is able to interact with major ERP on the market using standard protocol to communicate with external provider as SAP, AS400, SAN System
The software is completely scalable and opened to the customization request and additional modules development. Additionally, Equipment as software service provider started offering the first real cloud managed software services in outsourcing for the supply chain operators.


These systems have been offered with types of licensing arrangements. The four main offerings are:
- On-premise licensing (traditional purchased license) on your server with your managment IT
- Cloud licensing (remote, SaaS, Hosted) without your server and without your managment IT


Locate the position of your vehicles on the map, the route, stops, driving hours, the nearest vehicle, the shortest way.
Exchange messages with the operators, planning and intervention orders and sends missions and destinations to the navigator on board. The satellite alarm system to protect goods and resources, prevent theft and robbery by integrating the functions of security and logistics.



Equipenet SA, Corso Elvezia 23, CP 5739, 6901 Lugano

Tel.+41 91 911 66 23 – info@equipenet.ch




Tel.+41 91 911 66 23


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